the Rock Family story

- The Rock Family

Kathryn and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Smith for the wonderful experience we had in having him assist us in designing and building our first real home.

As a young married couple of four years with 3 kids, in 2004 we moved from a previously owned townhouse in the Baltimore area and took on the adventure of building our first home in the country.

Our search in the Pennsylvania McSherrystown/Hanover area took us to two more well known builders in the area, one of which we had entered into the beginning stages of plans with. The process didn't go well and we felt like just another "number" or “name on the list" instead of an important customer.

Through word of mouth and testimonials from friends who experienced the same thing in the area, we were given Chris's name and phone number by two families who Chris had built for in the Hanover area.

After contact was made with Chris, we visited a Littlestown neighborhood in which Chris had built a houses a few years prior. After knocking on the door of a random home, we were elated to see such enthusiasm from the homeowners who had no idea we were coming. They showed us their home, and the craftsmanship and custom work were noticed immediately as well as the joy in their satisfaction. It was a considerable difference in home quality that was obviously above and beyond the other "companies" we had considered and had thoughts of working with.

The word "custom" can often scare people into thinking the price is going to be unaffordable. Such was not the case with Chris. After gathering floor-plans of other homes and numerous magazine clippings we went to Chris and started the process. As we met with him the first time we felt a personal relationship with him as it was obvious that this was "our" home and not just a design on a list with options to choose from.

With such an investment and important decisions to make, Chris was patient, helpful, and completely honest in each stage of the process. He understood our budget and worked with us diligently to the penny with heart-thought accountability. His enthusiasm and love for building overshadowed a desire for a "quick" sale. The love of building and seeing others satisfied with their home was more overwhelming in his character rather than dollar signs in his eyes.

Being very inexperienced first time home builders, Chris had every opportunity from the beginning to "rip us off" if he wanted to. But instead he showed concern for our budget, he helped us to save in some areas while still having the highest quality that we would not have had in other homes. He lifted the stress from our shoulders, educated us, worked hand-in-hand with us step-by-step and made it a fun and exciting experience with an outstanding end product. Chris became part of our family.

This is a home we had planned from the beginning to spend at least 25-30 years in. It has been 6 years now since we’ve moved into in our home, and we now have 6 kids, who are rambunctious and have tested and pushed the limits of the construction on a daily basis. This house has stood strong and continues to stand strong. The quality, pride and sweat that Chris put into this house speaks for itself. We love our home and our experience with Chris. It was a privilege to have him build our home.

With much gratitude we thank you, Chris!
The Rock Family